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Rick batyr presents " unfolding", his most immersive record to date. A mind altering journey of transformation. A sonic story depicting the stages we move through during our spiritual evolution. 

This genre crossing album is designed to be listened to as a continuous piece of music. An album that will bring you into a beautiful and ever changing sonic landscape. This album shares musical space with the help of deeply connected musicians from around the world including collaborations with Cumie dunio, divasonic, David Muntner and tikki masala. 


All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Rick Batyr

"Synchronize " features Hullisi Flute by Tikki Masala

"Enter The Portal" features vocals and lyrics by Cumie Dunio

"Transfiguration" features vocals by Diviasonic

Recorded and mixed at Prana Sound Studio

Cover Art and photography by Mariko Zervos Batyr


Although our path's are very different from each other, often times the stages of transformation are similar. To truly evolve into the next stage of our being,  many of us must begin to understand the deeper inner self.  Sometimes that requires facing fears, releasing old programming, breaking cycles and understanding complex emotions. True transformation is not always rainbows and sunshine, we also need the rain and moon. Learning to UNFOLD gracefully into the next stage of our personal evolution.  Rick Batyr's album UNFOLDING is a sonic journey that takes you deep into the stages of change to become the pure light that you truly are.  Each song flows into the next and should be listened to from start to finish, allowing yourself to become immersed into the world of the UNFOLDING. Below you will find some brief info for each song from the artist's perspective. 


Synchronize (featuring Tikki Masala)


The beginning of this sonic journey gently guides you into self awareness. The sounds and rhythms swirling around are metaphorically representing our thoughts and emotions. A representation of the "monkey mind" , that must become synchronized in order to proceed. A steady beat begins, where the sounds start to conform, layer by layer into one cohesive groove. The first stage of the journey is to synchronize the body, mind and spirit. 


"om" the sound of all sounds, the beginning, creation. In our path to transformation we must tune ourselves into this vibration. The origin of our being, our creation and connection to divine source. Using the three versions of the word is a metaphoric reference to past, present and future. Symbolizing our need to embrace and balance all three elements in today's world. 

The title reading:

AUM (the Omniscient or god)        

OM (the sacred syllable typifying the three gods Brahma,Vishnu, and Siva. integration, maintenance, and disintegration)

OHM-(defined to be the electrical resistance between two points of a conductor)

Enter The Portal (featuring Cumie Dunio)

In order to progress on our journey we must learn to detach from the body and see ourselves as the beautiful energetic spirit's we truly are. Rick believes that sound creates a portal or bridge for us to step beyond the ego and mind. This song using shamanic undertones, nature and the powerful vocals of Cumie Dunio shoots you into the sonic portal, into another consciousness. A place where we see our spirit leave the body, so we may look at our soul's in it's true energetic form. 

It Has Always Been There

Here we find ourselves on the other side of the portal. In this multi-dimensional space. A place where time no longer exists, a collective unconscious. A realm where all things are possible, Where all things are connected. Floating in the great expanse of the universe where we begin to see and feel our true essence, our soul and reminded that this space has always been here for us to access. 

Call Of The Wolf

Here is where we start to look at the stories we have told ourselves, the wounds and scars and the self. Inspired by a lecture from the great Yogi Bhajan in what he calls "the call of the wolf". A reference to the way we can harm ourselves by ways of the mind, instead of healing the pains we put ban-aid's on it. Till the one day comes where there are no ore band-aids left, out of numbness we call out in a painful cry. The moment where we see what no longer serves us and are able to see what must be healed. 

The Final Causality

A huge part of the healing journey is to see, accept, acknowledge our fears, cycles and conditionings. Often a part of the process that can be difficult or uncomfortable. This is where the true healing begins for many. When we face our fears with unconditional love and courage. The willingness to change and evolve, to allow ourselves to unfold.  The title reflecting on the Aristotelian thought process the "four causes" (matter, Form, agent and propose). The four causes used to provide different answers to the question, "Because of what?" The four answers to this question illuminate different aspects of how a thing comes into being or an event takes place.

The absence of chance and the serving of ends are found in the works of nature especially. And the end, for the sake of which a thing has been constructed or has come to be belongs to what is beautiful.

— Aristotle


Phonetic for the word Amalgamate-to combine, unite, merge, or coalesce. This is where can now reflect on our releasing of the past, what no longer served us. With this new clearing we are now ready to truly heal and transform.

Transfiguration (featuring Divasonic)

Transfiguration is the stage of true transformation. A caterpillar turning into a butterfly, the physical process of shedding your skin and creating anew. This ethereal tapestry weaves around you like a cocoon, as the brilliant vocals of Divasonic will send chills down your spine. This auditory interpretation encompasses all of the pain, courage and love that it takes to transition into the acceptance of your light being. 

Winds Of Change

The beginning of winds of change was recorded during an intense wind storm while Rick was in the studio. While in the process of recording this song, Rick cracked the window and began to record the howling wind. Although this song takes a minimalist approach, the idea behind the song was to take loops/sections of music that layer onto of one another. The way they are layered over time begin to create new melodies as the loops interact with one another, evolving subtly over time.A metaphoric representation of all of these new parts of us learning to merge freely and intuitively in our new state of surrender. 

Radiate Outward

The final song on this record, Radiate Outward finds us now in full synchronization with the transformed self. It is here in the space of peace, light and positivity that we now may begin to send this new light outwards. We can only begin to help others heal, when we have first transformed the self. It is in this place of being that we can truly begin to share our heart, wisdom and experiences with the world around us. Shining our light, Living in love, compassion and understanding for others.  

© 2017 Rick Batyr

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