Soul Song Reading™

A one of a kind two part reading
Rick will meditate with you, using a special channeled prayer and music. During the meditation, Rick will read your Akashic records, as well as relay any messages from ascended masters and guides. Once we have established information on your past lives, soul purpose and healing needs, Rick then channels your Soul Song ™. 
A Soul Song is a multi-dimensional sound meditation created JUST FOR YOUR SOUL ! Every song is unique and channeled in a meditative state. As you evolve and heal from this reading your soul song evolves with you. The channeled sound codes embedded into your soul song will become an everlasting tool for healing. Ascension and transformation.


LOVED the meditation.  And I love that is it mine; created uniquely for me and my healing and my spiritual growth and development.

The physical sensations were incredible ... I loved the water component.  I love the angels and always feel so blessed to be ministered to by them.

Georgia Rose

Thank you Rick Batyr and Thank you Spirit for creating his gift and allowing us to walk together for a bit  in the 3 D world and other dimensions. I am so blessed to share this beautiful place where music transcends the realms of illusion to connect us to a Divine source of healing  and the only thing that is real - love! Every time I work with my soul song  its vibrations send the essence that is mine out into the universe to be heard by the Angels. As light beings dance with me to its beautiful rhythms  it is touched by creation to inspire, enlighten and heal me.  I highly recommend this experience to all. Love and Peace


Wow Rick! Thank you for the beautiful song. I don't even have words for how beautiful the song is and how deeply I appreciate your reading! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

© 2017 Rick Batyr

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