One Thousand Fifty Petals
Chakra Meditation

This chakra healing album was meticulously crafted by Rick Batyr over the course of one year. Through means of scientific research, Meditation and divine guidance. This highly acclaimed album will allow you to release what no longer serves you, so that you may open up to receive beautiful new energies of healing and transformation.

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We are all divine instruments and sometimes we need to tune up just like a guitar. When we are not in tune it creates a sense of un-balance and disharmony. Chakra on the go was created as a way to quickly tune up anywhere, anytime. This sound healing incorporates tuned binaural beats). The song starts at the root chakra and seamlessly transitions all the way up to the crown chakra. 

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Chakra On The Go
10 minute chakra balancing
Path Of Light
Reiki channeled music

If you have been looking for music that truly encompasses the energy and sound of Reiki/energy healing look no further. As a Reiki practitioner himself, Rick has written the entire album from start to finish while channeling Reiki. The sounds on this album gently wash over and around you like a sonic massage for the mind, body and soul.  


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INTEGER (Feat. Vladimir Khrobystov)
World music

INTEGER is an exploratory collaboration between Rick Batyr and renown flutist Vladimir Khrobystov. This album will take you on a meditative voyage around time and space. Drawing upon influences from India, Japan, Russia. The beautiful flute sounds will take you into deep relaxation while the atmosphere and percussion raise your vibration. An excellent choice for shamanic work, yoga, meditation and relaxation. 

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Music For The Moon Phases

Contained on this album  is very potent vibrational medicine. These sound healings were created as tools to help you to connect to the energies of each moon phase. You will find that each song has a very different vibration that corresponds and connects to the moons energies and cycles. When we think of how the moon affects water, we must realize we are 70% water ! these sound vibrations will create a balance on a cellular level throughout the phases of the moon. 

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Divine Sun
Ambient and mantra

Divine Sun is an immersive sonic meditation. This meditation utilizes 880z frequencies to stimulate the frontal lobe to assist in clarity and enhancing the thought process. Within the blanket of ethereal sounds the Gayatri mantra emerges so that you may harness the power of this sacred mantra into your being. Leaving you in a place of balance, wisdom and protection.



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11:11 Ascension

If you have been drawn to this sonic healing there is a good chance you have been seeing the numbers 11:11 , 444, 333 , etc. These are divine message from your ascended masters, angels and guides. It is a call to arms for your spiritual path/journey. These number frequencies come from a divine/angelic realm and are filled with love, light and healing. This channeled sound healing will help you to heal what no longer serves you in order to reach the higher vibration you have been called to. The music is tuned to A=444hz resulting in the ability to have the underlying frequency of 1111hz. Imbedded within the vibrations and harmonics Rick has also included binaural beats tuned to the 1111hz frequency to further help you to reach an Alpha/Theta brainwave state.


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Transformational Journey

Rick batyr presents " the unfolding", his most immersive record to date. A mind altering journey of transformation. A sonic story depicting the stages we move through during our spiritual evolution. 

This genre crossing album is designed to be listened to as a continuous piece of music. An album that will bring you into a beautiful and ever changing sonic landscape. This album shares musical space with the help of deeply connected musicians ffrom around the world including collaborations with Cumie dunio, divasonic, David Muntner and tikki masala. 

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