Path Of Light (music for Reiki)

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Path Of Light

music for reiki

If you have been looking for music that truly encompasses the energy and sound of Reiki/energy healing look no further. As a Reiki practitioner himself, Rick has written the entire album from start to finish while channeling Reiki masters, Archangels and ascended masters. Allowing spirit to integrate an energetic and vibratory healing for all those who listen. The sounds on this album gently wash over and around you like a sonic massage for the mind, body and soul.  This album is a beautiful combination of nature sounds, ethereal soundscapes, flutes and sound healing instruments. A must have album full of healing energy, love and intention. Used by many Reiki master teachers, students and practitioners This is a great tool for meditation, connecting to your guides, healing circles and distance healing. 

All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Rick Batyr

Recorded and mixed at Prana Sound Studio

Cover Art by Mariko Zervos Batyr

© 2017 Rick Batyr

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