Great night at the very awesome _fitmixxbellmore tonight
Beach Sound Healing
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Thanks to all who came out tonight ! Packed house full of such great vibes ! 🙏🏻#soundhealng #saltc
Really nice night of #soundmeditation with a great group of people _gentlestrengthyogastudio  thank
Join me and  _essa_maayan  at _yoganandalb  For kundalini and sound healing
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Join us tonight at _yoganandalb for a seriously deep journey through #kundalini and #mantra with _es
Great night at _pointlookoutyogaclub ! Thanks to _zer_sai for guiding tonight's meditation and addin

Sound Meditation Events

Rick's Sound meditation events are multi-dimensional , deeply immersive and will gently guide you into the subconscious mind and beyond.  Rick is a professional musician with over 20 years of study in meditation, consciousness, psychology , music and audio engineering. Since the dawn of time music has  been a universal language for both human and animal species, A connection that most living organisms share. Rick's focus is to bring us back to our deep ancestral connection and awareness of sound. In a meditative state Rick weave's a sonic tapestry  that is subtly complex. Creating waves of sounds and hypnotic rhythms that act as a bridge into the soul. A non judgmental space in which we can freely look inward, clear the mind,  release energetic and emotional stagnation and revitalize the spirit. 

In addition Rick is also a Reiki practitioner, incorporating energy healing into his instruments further amplifying the healing energies in the room. Rick uses a wide variety of instruments including Gongs, Singing bowls, Chimes, World percussion, Tabla, Synthesizer, Ambient sounds, samples and much more. 

Booking Inquiries

If your Interested in hosting a Sound Bath or workshop with Rick Batyr, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form below. Rick host's a large variety of sound events and workshops including blind folded meditations, reiki and sound, channeling or simply like music during your yoga class. As a professional musician rick brings a diverse assortment of instruments including, singing bowls, gongs, world percussion, synthesizer and more. 

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