Chakra On The Go (10min chakra tune up)

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10 min. chakra tune up

We are all divine instruments and sometimes we need to tune up just like a guitar. When we are not in tune it creates a sense of un-balance and disharmony. Chakra healing on the go was created as your way to quickly tune up anywhere, anytime. 
This sound healing incorporates tuned binaural beats (as heard on one thousand and fifty petals). The song starts at the root chakra and seamlessly transitions all the way up to the crown chakra. At the start of each chakra you will hear a ting-sha chime to let you know you are working on the next energy center. This is a great way to balance your energy, emotions and mind in a short amount of time. Since this track is only 10 minutes in length you can simply put on your headphones and virtually do this anywhere anytime that you need .

All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Rick Batyr

Recorded and mixed at Prana Sound Studio

Cover Art by Mariko Zervos Batyr

© 2017 Rick Batyr

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