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Rick's professional music career started with years of late night studio work at some of the biggest Manhattan studios with both major label and indie artist. As an engineer Rick has a background in Analog tape recording methodology combined with todays digital recording standards. Rick has produced music for Universal records, MTV, Def Jam, Spike Tv and many others. His understanding of musical genre's , sonic landscapes, sound design and mixing combined with his meditative approach will help you in realizing your sonic vision. 

Rick is a multi instrumentalist, who understands when an artist needs guidance just as much as when they need to explore on their own. We work hard to help you paint your sonic art. Rick will help you to tap in to your deep creative force through sound meditations and mindful music techniques. 

We focus on working with conscious music artists. Working together to create music that not only sounds good, but feels good. If you have a project and would like to work with Rick please feel free to send us a message. 

some of our clients and artists Include

Fred Grenot - Beyond the sun
Mixing, Production and cover art by Rick Batyr
Divasonic and Torkom Ji
Pat Longo - Guided Meditations
Produced, composed and mixed by Rick Batyr
Essa Keller
Production, Mixing
Album coming soon
Fred Grenot S.W.A.N
Mixing, Production and cover art by Rick Batyr
Tanya Alison
Mixing, Production by Rick Batyr
Blizzle Bless
Production, mixing
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