About Rick Batyr

Rick Batyr is a passionate multi-instrumentalist, Sound Healer and Reiki practitioner with a unique gift for transforming healing energy into song. Rick infuses over twenty years of spiritual practices, music production and sound design to create sonic landscapes that effortlessly guide you into deep states of consciousness. As an endorsed drummer/percussionist, Rick has a gentle way of bringing you out of your body and into the rhythm of the music.  His sound entices the listener to truly become one with the vibrations, stepping beyond the ego self and into your soul’s true essence.


Rick is bridging the gap of traditional sound healing modalities with artful sonic exploration. Each album is unique, blurring the lines of genre and taking the listener on a musical journey. Through Rick’s sound, you are not only receiving a healing but an awakening of the soul. His performances are improvised in a meditative trance incorporating everything from singing bowls, gongs, electronic synthesizer and world percussion.  Many of us hear music, but Rick’s work teaches us how to mindfully listen. 

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