11:11 Ascension

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11:11 Ascension



If you have been drawn to this sonic healing there is a good chance you have been seeing the numbers 11:11 , 444, 333 , etc. These are divine message from your ascended masters, angels and guides. It is a call to arms for your spiritual path/journey. These number frequencies come from a divine/angelic realm and are filled with love, light and healing. This channeled sound healing will help you to heal what no longer serves you in order to reach the higher vibration you have been called to. The music is tuned to A=444hz resulting in the ability to have the underlying frequency of 1111hz. Imbedded within the vibrations and harmonics Rick has also included binaural beats tuned to the 1111hz frequency to further help you to reach an Alpha/Theta brainwave state.


All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Rick Batyr

Recorded and mixed at Prana Sound Studio

Cover Art by Rick Batyr

© 2017 Rick Batyr

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